New Beginning..New Hope…

Today is 31st December 2017, last day of year 2017 and all of us are excited to welcome The new year 2018. A reaction of most of us on this day is “Ohh this is last day of year, we don’t even know how this year ends so fast” So time is such a crucial thing when it passes away then only we come to know it’s value.

For us, year 2017 was a year of transformation, as it has been said that “A snack who never drop his skin will die” In year 2017 we dropped our skin in terms of technology, in terms of operations, in terms of customer relationship and much more. After all dropping skin is a continues process but we started it in year 2017 and will keep continuing forever.

Remember your failures in 2017

As our Ex-President Dr. Kalam said that “Read failure stories rather than success stories” I think this is most important that we have to analyze our failures faced in 2017. Every failure is an opportunity to learn something new, It may be new technology or it may be a call of change of our operational method or it may be a call of changing our own habits too. So we have to discover where we were lacking, once it’s discovered, then only we can correct it so for that analysis of failure is most important thing. Unless and until there is a failure we are not willing to change(talking about my case). So our experience has no value unless we learn something from every failure.

In 2017 we also made some mistakes from which we learned a lot, our team spirit has improved and it definitely helped us to build a great team. All these things will be helpful to deliver great quality of services to our valuable customers.

Opportunity to Upgrade Version

In Year2017, we developed some amazing products like LMS(Learning Management Solution), AARSELL+(GST Billing Software) and we are upgrading versions of these products continuously. In the same way in coming year 2018, Aaryak will upgrade it’s own version to a new level. When every individual working in organization upgrades their version then only organization will come up with new version and we proudly says that our each and every team member working continuously on that. In Year 2018 our upgraded version will deliver great quality of service and some amazing opportunities for IT candidates in Konkan area. Let’s try to achieve new heights in the coming year of opportunities.

So it’s time to welcome The Year of Opportunities, the year of new beginning, the year of new hope…

Wishing you Vey Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2018 !!!

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