Rebranding Aaryak !!!

“What’s in a name?” A famous dialogue in William Shakespeare's play. In our real life play we are very conscious about name - whether it’s our name or our child’s name or our business name. Especially while starting a startup it’s a greatest confusion “What should be our business name?“ I think this a first challenge for every entrepreneur. Five years ago we were also in a big confusion that what will be our name, fortunately our best friend Prasad Devasthali suggested us the name Aaryak means ambitious which is a Sanskrit word. Before that we were trying different names, in search of name which is easy to remember and which tells a story but when we listen this word Aaryak,we had first sight love with this word. Later on Prasad started his agro product business named Aaryak Agro Products, you can say it’s an agro division of Aaryak.

After all the name will be remembered only when we deliver that kind of products or services. The weight of name increases only when we deliver qualitative services or products to simplify complex things. It feels really proud when you go for a meeting at your customer’s office and receptionist call her boss and says “Three Aaryaks has come for meeting”, actually it’s a sign that people likes your work that’s why they remember your name.

The key of brand building is to continuously improving a quality of service for which we need to continuously learn new things, adopt new technologies, new methodologies and much more. At the same time we noticed one thing that as our business grows we should present ourselves in more dynamic way. The goal of rebranding Aaryak is to influence a customer's perception about the company overall by revitalizing the brand and making it seem more modern and relevant to the customer's needs.

As a part of rebranding, we changed our logo and look n feel of our website. A new logo is very simple and attractive; also through website visitors can get more information about Aaryak. We have started a blog in website through which our programmers, technical experts will write about new trends in IT, coding techniques, Logic development, Case studies, etc. We are sure that it will definitely beneficial for IT freshers and programmers. Please visit our new website on, Waiting for your inputs so that we will try to improve in it. We know that there is so much space for improvement in a website, after all it’s a continues process.

Hope you will like fresh looking Aaryak !!!

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