How Spiritual Qualities helps in Professional Life

Today I am trying to write on a quite different subject which may seems to be something virtual or not practical. It’s just from my experiences in my few years of professional life and I would like to point out several interesting things about the practical side of spirituality.

Actually every person has some init qualities which differentiates him from other animals, When the spiritual base of a person is touched and developing, these qualities start manifesting more stronger and clearer. Someone has said that The Business or profession is nothing but connecting people and as per my experiences these qualities definitely help us to develop stronger bonds with people.

1. Attention

Having good attention is crucial thing for all type of job and even in our daily life. Generally the attention of a person is much overloaded, disturbed and spread. The spiritual person has his attention on his/her inner being, offcourse it can be achieved by more and more practice. And this attention helps him to introspect himself. This Enlighten attention literally saves much time to accomplish a task.

2. Trust

Today every person or organization is looking for genuine people. A spiritual person is the one who is easily being trusted by everyone because a spiritual person is always sincere, innocent and benevolent. And trust is the soil of all relationships, and thus the important condition for any success, For people are everything.

3. Love

As trivial as it may sound, but the ability to love people it is the greatest power of all, and it is crucial that a truly spiritual person loves everyone, not just his family and friends. The love is not an outward things but it’s something comes from our inner being. The love which flows from the open heard of an enlightened personality opens the hears and inspires everyone around. This love elevates! No wonder everybody coming across this sources of love is bathing in it and is ready to assist in everything possible. Thus tasks are easily accomplished and everything becomes All is well.

4. Confidence

Being confident is must needed quality in todays competitive world. A spiritual person is absolutely fearless. Whatever I know in my field is unique because its an output from my own thinking process, this confidence comes from spirituality.

5. Diplomacy

Whatever your responsibility is, whether you are in sales, project development, purchase, or customer support, negotiations and convincing power has no option. Most of the times you need to handle the situations diplomatically. It is you who are going to define a growth of your organization, after all you will grow only if your organization grow. Spiritual person has init diplomacy quality, he knows what, when, where and how much talk. many times we need to give spontaneous response while meetings and A Spiritual person develop that sense automatically. Also a sense of humor is a part of diplomacy which creates healthy and pressure free environment.

6. Discrimination

This world is a bunch of good and bad things, gentle people and bad people, It is you who has to choose the right one for you. A spiritual person has init sense of discretion that he will choose only right thing for him. Everyday we need to take so many decisions at work and This is so important quality required for decision making.

These qualities are as per my thoughts, there are surely more qualities. As you see there is nothing unusual in them, but the amount and the intensity of these qualities are mostly stronger in the people of Spirit therefore they can actually have a wonderful life in the material success and comfort.

Special Note: That doesn’t mean that all these qualities already manifested in me, but I wish it should be one day.

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