Case Study - Training Platform

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Employee Training & Recruitment Exam Platform

Client : Co-operative Banks (5+ Banks)
Industry : E-Learning
Services : Application Development, Deployment & Maintainance
Technology : ASP.NET/C# SQL Server
Backend Approach : WCF Services

A platform designed to cater to the unique needs of co-operative banks related to training & development

Challenge: The co-operative banking sector required a unified and efficient solution for employee training and recruitment exams. With multiple banks involved, the challenge was to create a platform that would allow employees to access training courses, interact with subject experts, and take exams, while also serving as an essential tool for recruitment processes. The platform needed to be easy to use, support SCORM video content, offer real-time exam results, and provide comprehensive administrative control.

Solution: We developed a robust web-based Employee Training & Recruitment Exam Platform, designed to cater to the unique needs of co-operative banks. This platform empowered employees with training resources and facilitated the recruitment process, while administrators could effortlessly manage and control the content and exams.

Key Features

1. Employee Training (Employee Portal):

Course Access: Employees could access assigned training courses, which included SCORM videos for a dynamic learning experience.

Subject Queries: Users could ask queries and seek assistance from subject experts within the platform.

Pre-Exams & Final Exams: Comprehensive pre-exam and final exam functionality was integrated.

Instant Results: Employees received instant results upon completing exams.

2. Admin Panel:

Course Management: Administrators could create and upload courses, complete with SCORM content.

Question Bank: The platform allowed the creation and management of section-wise question banks.

Exam Creation: Admins could create exams based on the question banks and assign them to the relevant courses.

Comprehensive Reporting: The platform generated comprehensive reports to assess user performance and track training progress.

Recruitment Exams: The system supported the creation and management of recruitment exams for new hires.


The Employee Training & Recruitment Exam Platform delivered several advantages to the co-operative banks:

Efficient Training: Employees could access and complete training courses at their convenience, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Recruitment Simplified: The platform streamlined the recruitment process, making it easier for banks to assess candidates.

Real-Time Feedback: Instant exam results provided timely feedback to employees, helping them gauge their performance.

Administrative Control: Admins had the tools needed to manage content, create exams, and obtain in-depth insights into employee progress.

Enhanced Learning Experience: The inclusion of SCORM video content and expert queries created an enriched learning experience.x


The Employee Training & Recruitment Exam Platform revolutionized training and recruitment processes for co-operative banks. With the ability to access training resources, seek assistance from experts, and undertake exams in real-time, employees were better equipped to excel in their roles. The platform's administrative capabilities made it an indispensable tool for managing content and evaluating employee performance, ultimately contributing to the growth and development of co-operative banks in the financial sector.

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