Case Study - Owens Corning

Digital Transformation at Owens Corning Taloja Plant

Owens Corning, a global leader in the production of fiberglass and building materials

Client : Owens Corning India
Industry : Manufacturing
Business Type : Multinational Company
Services : Conceptualization, Application Development, Deployment & Maintainance
Technology : ASP.Net/Angular JS/C#.Net Web API/SQL Server

Developing over 25 systems that streamlined operations and data management across the plant

Challenge: Owens Corning, a global leader in the production of fiberglass and building materials, sought to modernize and digitize its operations at the Taloja Plant in India. With a vision of efficiency and precision, they required a comprehensive system overhaul to streamline processes and harness data for informed decision-making.

Solution: Our team embarked on a journey of digital transformation, delivering more than 25 tailored systems and applications to meet Owens Corning's unique needs.

Key Features

1. Shopfloor Systems with Weighing Scale Integration:

>> Developed systems with seamless integration of weighing scales to ensure precise measurements in production processes.
>> Utilized barcode and QR scanners to enhance inventory and production control.

2. Label Printing Systems:

>> Designed label printing systems to enable efficient and accurate labeling of products, improving traceability and compliance.

3. Quality MIS:

>> Created a comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) to monitor and optimize quality control processes.

4. EHS Systems (Environmental, Health, and Safety):

>> Implemented systems to enhance safety protocols and streamline environmental compliance.

5. Employee Trainings:

>> Developed a platform for managing and tracking employee training programs, ensuring compliance and skill development.

6. Employee Performance Card Creation:

>> Facilitated the creation and management of employee performance cards to track and enhance workforce productivity.

7. Audit Systems:

>> Introduced audit systems to automate and streamline auditing processes, improving transparency and accountability.

8. Gatepass System:

>> Streamlined entry and exit processes with a gatepass system, enhancing security and access control.

9. Downtime & Maintenance Portal:

>> Designed a portal for monitoring equipment downtime and scheduling maintenance, reducing production disruptions.

10. Power BI Dashboards:

>> Implemented Power BI dashboards for real-time data visualization and analysis, enabling data-driven decision-making.

11. Big Data Analysis:

>> Big data analysis tools were implemented for in-depth insights into plant operations and performance.

Technology Stack

>> Front-End: ASP.Net Web Forms, Angular JS
>> Back-End: C#.Net Web APIs
>> Database: SQL Server


The digital transformation initiatives had a profound impact on Owens Corning's Taloja plant:

>> Operational Efficiency: The integration of shopfloor systems, labeling, and quality control led to significant improvements in operational efficiency.
>> Safety Enhancements: The implementation of EHS systems contributed to a safer work environment, reducing risks and incidents.
>> Employee Empowerment: Employee training and performance tracking systems improved workforce management.
>> Data-Driven Decisions: The availability of Power BI dashboards and big data analysis tools allowed for data-driven decision-making.
>> Cost Savings: The streamlining of processes and improved quality control resulted in cost savings.


The comprehensive digital transformation at Owens Corning's Taloja plant redefined their operations, enhancing efficiency, quality, and safety. With a suite of tailored systems, the plant is well-equipped to adapt to industry demands, optimize processes, and make informed decisions through data analysis. This digital evolution positions Owens Corning for continued success in the competitive manufacturing landscape.

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