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Explore how our mobile app simplifies the appointment booking process

Attorney Appointment Booking Application

Client : US-Based Attorney Firm
Services : Application Development, Deployment & Maintainance
Technology : IONIC/Angular JS/C#.Net Web API/SQL Server
Backend Approach : Microservices

Application yielded significant benefits for the attorney firm and its clients

Challenge: Our client, a prestigious attorney firm based in the United States, sought to enhance their client experience by providing a user-friendly and efficient attorney appointment booking application. The goal was to streamline the appointment booking process, enable clients to interact with attorneys, and centralize the management of appointments. They also aimed to provide a platform for clients to view uploaded documents, seek answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), and receive real-time updates regarding their appointments.

Solution: We developed a comprehensive Attorney Appointment Booking Application that consisted of a mobile app for clients and a web-based admin panel for attorneys and firm administrators. The application incorporated a wide range of features to meet the client's requirements effectively.

Key Features

1. Mobile App (IONIC Multiplatform Framework):

Attorney Appointment Booking: Clients could easily schedule appointments with their preferred attorneys based on the attorney's availability.

Document Viewing: Clients could access and view uploaded documents securely within the app.

FAQ Section: A dedicated FAQ section enabled clients to seek answers to commonly asked legal questions.

2. Web-Based Admin Panel:

Attorney Management: Attorneys and firm administrators could create attorney profiles, set their time slot availability, and manage appointments.

Appointment Management: CAdministrators had the ability to accept or reject appointment requests, manage appointment calendars, and send notifications.

FAQ Management: The platform allowed attorneys to answer client FAQs and provide valuable legal information.

Document Management: Public documents could be uploaded and shared with clients.

Notifications: The system delivered push notifications and email alerts to clients and attorneys upon the acceptance or rejection of appointment requests.

3. Technology Stack::With a global footprint spanning over 100 countries, Rassure needed a solution that could be accessed worldwide. Our PWA offered cross-platform and cross-device compatibility, allowing auditors and administrators to access the portal from any location.

Web Technology: Angular JS, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery, HTML5.
Mobile Technology: IONIC Multiplatform Framework.
Server Side Technology: Microservices in .Net Core.
Database Technology: MS SQL Server.
ling Rassure to monitor the progress of individual audits and the overall workflow.


The Attorney Appointment Booking Application yielded significant benefits for the attorney firm and its clients:

Enhanced User Experience: Clients could easily book appointments, engage with attorneys, and access relevant legal documents and FAQs, leading to an improved user experience.

Efficiency: The platform streamlined the appointment booking process, making it easier for clients and attorneys to manage their schedules.

Centralized Management: Firm administrators could efficiently manage appointments, attorney profiles, and frequently asked questions from a single admin panel.

Real-Time Communication: The chat feature enabled real-time communication between clients and attorneys, fostering better client-attorney relationships.

Transparency: Clients received timely notifications, ensuring transparency in the appointment booking process.


The Attorney Appointment Booking Application brought a new level of convenience and efficiency to our client's legal practice. With streamlined appointment management, real-time communication, and easy access to legal resources, the platform has set new standards in client service and attorney-client interactions within the legal industry. The attorney firm is well-positioned to serve its clients more effectively and maintain its reputation for excellence.

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