About Us

Discover the story & passion that define us

A journey from providing solutions for small shopkeepers to serving an international airline

Our journey began in September 2012 with a modest team of just four developers. We initially served small shopkeepers with our applications. Today, we proudly deliver software projects to international brands worldwide.

We boast a team of adept developers, business analysts, and testers, all of whom are exceptionally skilled and professional. We approach your projects with the same care and dedication as if they were our own, consistently delivering products that surpass your expectations. We beleive on our core values

Quality of Work
Client-Centric Approach
Data Security & Privacy
Team Collaboration
Continuous Learning
Adaptability & Accountability
Effective Communication
Languages, Tools and Frameworks

Transformational App Development Across Technologies

We craft customized solutions using cutting-edge development tools and technologies tailored to your specific business and project requirements, leveraging our expertise in :

Thorough Requirement Analysis
Rapid Prototyping
Agile Development

We focus on key points during development of software systems :

User Expectations
Functionality & Simplicity
Optimal Performance
Design with Logic
Founders & Growth Facilitators

Meet Our Core Team Leaders

Aaryak Solutions is founded by Prashant Acharya & Hrushikesh Sarpotdar in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra(IN) in 2012. Rasika Nalawade has joined them later on in 2014.

Together, They have nurtured our company's growth from its inception. Their shared vision and commitment to delivering outstanding software solutions have shaped the core values of our organization. Their leadership continues to inspire our team to push boundaries and achieve excellence in everything we do.

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Prashant Acharya
CEO & Co-Founder
Hrushikesh Sarpotdar
COO & Co-Founder
Rasika Nalawade
CDO & Director
  Shreyas  Sawant
VP Technology
Atharva Devasthali
VP Quality Assurance

Driven by Culture

Nurturing Growth & Development

Guided by Mindfulness and Personal Development

Feedback for Positive Growth

Embracing an Inclusive, Open Culture

Innovation with a Commitment to Quality

Proactively Implementing Change

Unlocking Global Opportunities

Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technology